About The OD Pro

Welcome! I’m Amy McCune, a highly experienced organizational development (OD) specialist with a focus on interpersonal skills. I can help you develop the interpersonal skills you need to help enhance your organization’s bottom line.

You may be wondering “why are interpersonal skills so important?” The reality is that these skills are vital for promoting professional growth, facilitating teamwork, and improving organizational culture. They are exactly what you need to maximize your effectiveness and bring true value to the table, especially if you’re working in a virtual environment.

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What I Do

I can guide you in developing the interpersonal skills that are essential to your growth and success.
With strong interpersonal skills, you can become a better leader, improve your collaboration, and in turn, help your organization meet (or even exceed) its goals. You are sure to find my trainings and services to be invaluable.

My extensive experience in organizational development (OD) paired with my passion for helping people unleash their full potential has motivated me to offer OD trainings and services. My offerings are designed for those who are committed to improving their leadership skills and enhancing their organization’s bottom line.


You will find that my trainings and services focus on interpersonal skills as I am a firm believer that these skills are essential for organizational growth and success. Regardless of your industry, interpersonal skills can help you develop and foster strong relationships, boost productivity, and create an overall positive work environment.

Since my OD training and services are virtual, you can take advantage of them, regardless of where you or your organization are located. Additionally, if you work in a virtual setting, you’re in luck because I also focus on helping you make a seamless transition from an in-person to a virtual environment.

My many years of experience in OD has allowed me to cultivate robust professional relationships and training personnel. It has also given me the unique ability to direct high-performing teams and develop strategic programs.

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What Makes Me Different

While other OD specialists offer in-person services, I specialize in virtual OD. This means, I can help you hone your interpersonal skills, regardless of where you or your organization are located. In addition, I can help you utilize virtual options to work with your co-workers and clients. Why is this important?

Despite the fact that more and more staff are working in a virtual setting, there aren’t very many resources that can help them make this transition effectively. I am here to provide you with the resources you need to thrive in a virtual setting.

On a Personal Note

I hold a master’s degree in organizational communications from Suffolk University, a PhD from Clemson University, and certifications in Lean Six Sigma, Facilitation and as a National Trainer. In my free time, I like to travel and immerse myself with new people and cultures. While travelling and when at home, I volunteer with a variety of programs involved in animal care and education.

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