Born To Travel: A Life-Changing Story of Leadership Development through 15 Countries.

Do you sense that your business could benefit from a shakeup, a bit of fresh perspective? Are you the type of introspective person that uses new experiences to transform your approach to life, business and internal growth?

If so, you need this book. In it, author Amy McCune, Ph.D., advocates travel as the perfect antidote to complacency in everyday living and stagnation in career. It’s travel memoir like you’ve never seen it before. By examining her travels through 15 of over 30 countries McCune has visited, she teaches more effective communication and interpersonal skills, advocates for introspection, and promotes effortless lifelong learning. You’ll learn:

  • The secret to developing a personal brand
  • The surprisingly simple trick successful people use to make smarter decisions
  • How to build resiliency into your everyday mindset
  • The free mind mapping trick McCune uses all the time
  • How travel impacts every aspect of your career and life for the better

The truth is, intentionally creating small, special moments takes very little time and effort, yet it has a profound effect on those involved. Plus, unwinding in novel environments changes your mind more than you could ever imagine.

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